What is DPS 2.0?

We're reinventing ourselves here at DPS. We're re-tooling, re-booting, re-branding, and renewing. Throughout our first 11 years in business, DPS has stood strong on the foundational principle that great employees providing great service to great clients leads to long-lasting relationships in the marketplace. DPS 2.0 will build on top of that foundation and signifies our renewed commitment to provide our clients with unmatched value, functionality, and service to meet their business needs.
As part of that commitment, we're updating our image by developing a new, more functional and informative, website. We're updating our service standards by utilizing case-tracking mechanisms that allow us to see projects from start to finish and keeping you informed about the latest in payroll-related legislation and compliance requirements. We're updating our culture to make sure that each and every DPS employee is equipped to provide our clients with a level of service that makes you sit back and say, "Wow!" And, last but certainly not least, we're updating our product offerings to include the absolute best integrated solution for payroll, HR, and time and attendance: Empire.

When is DPS 2.0?

DPS 2.0 is now, and DPS 2.0 is coming soon. We've already launched the new website and worked up some of the new branding. We've already rolled out the payroll submission reminders, and we've already started a training regimen designed to make sure that we're offering the best service to our clients in each and every interaction.
Like any great endeavor, it's best if you tackle it in phases. The next big thing in DPS 2.0 will obviously be officially launching Empire and making it available for you to embrace and love as much as we already do. That being said, we're in the final stages of putting together the internal infrastructure that we'll need to be able to properly support you when you upgrade. We're also putting together our strategic game plan for waves of client conversions so that we can make sure to handle the conversions at an optimal pace that works well for everyone involved.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about DPS 2.0 and Empire give us a call at 804-355-3430. Or Request a Free Quote and we'll contact you!