A New DP Record Holder, Jordan Kolmer!

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Dominion Payroll was founded in 2002, where the team consisted of our current CEOs, David Gallagher and David Fratkin. In 2007, they retained our star player who is still with us 15 years later. Jordan Kolmer went from a Payroll Processing Specialist, Customer Support Specialist, Director of Client Services, and now our Director of Technology.

During her time at Dominion Payroll, Kolmer states “It has never been a dull moment! Dominion Payroll has been growing rapidly since the day I walked in the door. Being part of a company that’s grown so steadily year after year has sometimes been downright exhausting but always exciting. There’s always something new going on, something to sink your teeth into, and it never gets boring.”

Outside of work, you will find Jordan starting her day with early morning yoga, reading a good book, and cooking delicious meals for her 2-year-old, Eloise. “Eloise’s latest ‘ism’ is ‘Mommy! Let’s play with me!’ so we do a lot of that in our house.” Kolmer says. On some Sundays, you will find Jordan and her husband, Daniel, volunteering at their church’s babies/toddlers nursery. She loves spending time with extended family as well on the weekends.

Jordan’s favorite Dominion Payroll tradition is the Friday Lunch. “Starting out in my adult life/career and money was tight, having a free lunch on Friday (plus all the leftovers I cared to take home) took a huge weight off. Still today, I breathe easier on Friday mornings knowing that I don’t have to think about packing a lunch for that day. It’s also a great time to connect with people I don’t necessarily intersect within the course of the normal working day, and several friendships forged over the Friday lunch tables that have lasted for years.”

Jordan Kolmer is one of Dominion Payroll’s biggest contributors. She has built the IT infrastructure for the company from the ground up, is everyone’s hero when their computers stopped working and spearheaded the company with the best communication technology throughout the pandemic. Here are kind words our Dominion Payroll family says about Jordan:

“Ask Jordan or Jordan will know” sums it up. After 15  years,  one might think that phrase often spoken simultaneously with  Jordan, JV, or JVK as she is known is because she has seen it all over the last 15 years and yes that past experience contributes valuable knowledge to each of us every day. However, it’s her daily discipline to put in the work to learn something new to continue to reinvent and embrace change that makes Jordan  a person who can be turned to for” expert knowledge, advice,  and exceptional performance, especially in a crucial situation”.  Jordan congratulations on 15 Years and  Thank you for  the tomorrow of contributions!” – Robin Ransom, Dominion Payroll’s Chief Financial Officer

“Ever since I started working at Dominion Payroll, Jordan has been a lighthouse in the fog. She is always there to help. She is an amazing leader. Jordan is someone that I count on to provide support from a professional standpoint, and also on a personal level. She is always willing to talk to me about things that come up in my life and provides guidance and the generosity of listening. This speaks to her not only her character as a leader but also as a person. She motivates and supports me, which is something that I will be forever grateful for. Congratulations, Jordan and thank you so much for everything you do!” – Wyatt Moore, Sales Support Specialist

“Jordan is the Best. Capital B. Period. Even before I started working directly under Jordan, I knew that all things Dominion Payroll flowed through her. Getting to know her better over the last few years, I have found that the human being behind the productivity dynamo is one of the most caring, thoughtful people I have ever known. She’s the bar I measure myself by, professionally and personally, and any employee here would be wise to do the same.” – Andy Liguori, Systems Support Specialist

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