iSolved Hire Solves Your Hiring Process

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Your company is successful and needs to expand—that’s good, right? If you’re an HR professional that has struggled with the Byzantine process of requisitioning a new employee position, posting a job listing to a ton of different employment boards, getting a bunch of managers to rate candidates and tracking that input, your answer to that question might still be “good”…but … Read More

Benefits of Improving Employee Onboarding

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Nearly a quarter of staff turnover happens within six weeks of starting employment, which wastes time and resources. When a new hire starts with your company, this will be his or her first chance to see how it operates. Clear instructions, timely responses from management and human resource staff, and proper handling of new hire paperwork are important tasks that … Read More

Security Update: The Heartbleed bug

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The security of your account is extremely important to us at DP, and so we want to inform you that we have taken action in regards to this vulnerability that has affected a vast majority of websites on the Internet. As soon as we received information about the Heartbleed bug, our team got to work.  First and foremost, we ensured … Read More

Younger workforce leans towards not using employer health care

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We came across this summary published by Kaiser Health News recently and figured it would be a great read for many weighing the impact of health care reform against the buy-in of the younger portion of today’s working economy. Despite the mandate that most Americans carry health insurance or pay a penalty, young workers employed by large companies signed up … Read More

The general history of Time and Attendance

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The Industrial Revolution brought major changes to the economies of Europe and the United States. New technological advances in the early 1800s ushered in sweeping changes for both manufacturing and transportation. Traditional family farms and small family run cottage industries produced goods in small quantities with lots of manual labor. With the arrival of machine based manufacturing, entire families began … Read More