Fostering Mental Wellness in Your Workplace

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Five Actions Your Company Can Take to Effectively Adress Mental Wellbeing According to the American Heart Association, more than 75% of the American workforce has struggled with at least one mental health issue, such as anxiety or depression. With an overwhelming portion of employees affected by mental illnesses, it makes perfect sense for employers to invest in mental well-being at … Read More

SpeakUp5k is a Race Like No Other. In Fact, Many Prefer to Call it a Journey.

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“When you cross the finish line you will realize you did not just finish a race. You did not attend an event. You have been part of an experience, a movement.” – Executive Director of CKG Foundation, Grace Gallagher  Coming up this Saturday, September 7th, 4,000 members of the community (and counting) will join together at Byrd Park for the 6th … Read More

Invest in What 94% of Your Employees Are Asking For: Continuous Learning and Development

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According to a recent LinkedIn study, 94% of employees claim that they’d continue working with an organization if it is invested in their continuous learning and development. That’s an alarmingly high percentage, but hey – people are driven by learning. Heck – Unpaid internships wouldn’t even be a thing if people weren’t thirsty for knowledge and opportunities to grow.  Employers: … Read More

Are Your Employees Browsing the Menu?

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Worried about retention? The best way to keep employees is to be useful to them. According to a Gallup poll, 51% of employees are looking for a new job, and 68% of employees believe that they are overqualified for the job they have. Even engaged employees are job hunting at an alarming rate—37%. What are they shopping for? Career growth … Read More