HR Planning for the New Year: Navigating Positive Cases, Quarantines, Mask Mandates, and Vaccine Roll-Outs

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This year, HR pros around the globe have been running at full speed trying to keep up with the compounding challenges brought on by the pandemic. And, while “planning ahead” may seem impossible these days, we can offer some blueprints for navigating the current and potential COVID challenges we see coming our way in 2021. In preparation for the winter … Read More

Dominion Payroll Introduces The Beacon Webinar Series.

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Kevin Wilson, DP Director of Community Engagement, hosts The Beacon every Wednesday at 11 am EST. This webinar series explores the changing nature of work and the challenges of running a business during the pandemic and beyond. To learn more about The Beacon webinar series and how it came to be, watch this interview!   Brad: So now we’re gonna talk … Read More

Proud to Announce Our New Partnership with the Virginia Dental Association!

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July 25, 2020 Dominion Payroll is thrilled to announce our new partnership with the Virginia Dental Association (VDA Services.) As the VDA’s officially endorsed vendor for Payroll and HR services, we aim to provide value to VDA members through high-quality products and unparalleled customer service.  Having worked with multiple dental practices, Dominion Payroll understands the unique needs of the industry.  … Read More

With Remote Work Increasing, Be Aware of These Tax Implications for Out-Of-State Workers

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More than 50 million members of the U.S. labor force are currently working remotely full-time, a ten-fold increase from the 5 million employees who worked from home at least half of the time back in March. With this change and employers’ concerns about productivity and company culture comes one more item to consider: taxes. When remote workers are located in … Read More

IRS Required Retirement Plan Restatements: What You Need to Know

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From time to time, all qualified retirement plans are required to be updated to reflect recent legislative and/or regulatory changes. Some of these updates are made through plan amendments, but others require plan documents to be completely re-written (a process known as “restating” the plan.) The deadlines for adopting these updates are usually dependent on the type of plan and … Read More