DP Grow – What is a Retirement Plan Restatement?

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From time to time, all qualified retirement plans are required to be updated to reflect recent legislative and/or regulatory changes. As you may know, it is a fiduciary responsibility to update your retirement plan document with the most recent legislative or regulatory changes.  The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that qualified retirement plans be restated to incorporate regulatory changes in … Read More

How to Make Your Workplace More Inclusive & Accessible for People with Disabilities

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020 the percentage of non-disabled people aged 16-64 that were unemployed was 17.9% compared to 61.8% for disabled people. This is an overlooked segment of the population that is eager, skilled, and very able to work. In honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, we’d like to share some ways you can … Read More

Giving Blood & Saving Lives at Dominion Payroll!

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Erin Carlson, Benefits Specialist at Dominion Payroll, donating blood in Dominion Payroll Richmond’s Community Room On September 23rd, we opened our Community Room in Richmond for the American Red Cross’ Blood Drive. Everyone in the Richmond area and at Dominion Payroll were encouraged to come out and donate. “I normally donate blood in this area, and this is my first time … Read More

It’s That Time of Year! Benefits Enrollment Season…

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Fall is in the air! That means crisp autumn days, leaves changing colors, football…and, of course, open enrollment for most health plans. (What, open enrollment doesn’t pop into your head when you think of fall? Maybe that’s just us!) If you have your benefits administered by the team at Dominion Payroll, we’ll be hard at work making sure your open … Read More

When You Need to Hire Workers, But Nobody Likes the Work

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Some jobs are just plain unpleasant. You know the type. Monotonous tasks that don’t end until it’s time to clock out. Dealing all day with customers who are unhappy, unappreciative, or rude. Fielding nonstop complaints. Hard labor. Outdoor work in extreme temperatures. You can convince people to take these jobs when they have no other choice. But right now, for … Read More