Volunteer Time Off: The Employee Benefit That Keeps on Giving

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“Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.”― Horace Mann As social responsibility becomes more and more of an expectation for businesses and organizations, many employers are searching for ways to get their companies involved in greater social causes. Sure, you can throw a bunch of money to charities (this is good, please keep doing this), but don’t let … Read More

Make Your Office Green in 2019!

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The average American worker will spend 20-30% of their adult life at work. Considering all of that time and the resources we put into our work, sustainability efforts at the office can have a tremendous impact. Environmental awareness should be an important part of every company’s corporate social responsibility strategy. What better month than April – with the 39th celebration … Read More

DP Talks Time and a Half

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Employers – there’s a new overtime law in the works! Now is the time to take an assessment of your employees and prepare for some potential changes in employee payroll. On March 7th, the US Department of Labor announced a proposal that, if finalized, would classify more than 1 million white-collar workers as eligible for overtime compensation. This would leave many … Read More

Ask The Expert: How to Properly Open and Close Your Tax Accounts

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We would like to take this time to deliver a short PSA about the importance of correct dates when opening or closing a tax account. A significant amount of tax issues reported to us by our clients relate to having an incorrect liability start or ending date for an account. Incorrect opening or closing dates can create quite a mess … Read More

The Cyber Crooks Have a New Favorite Costume: Payroll Companies?

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“You know what’d be a great costume idea? A payroll company!” said no one ever – no one except for today’s phishing criminals that is! That’s right, the cyber crooks have come out with a new plan of attack: dressing up as payroll companies, reminding employees to update their login credentials. The end goal being, of course, to steal these … Read More