Employee Exit Interview

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  Tool of the Month: Employee Exit Interview Exit interviews with employees who choose to resign can be very useful in determining the strengths and weaknesses of your organization and possibly uncover issues that you were unaware of.   Keeping exit interviews in the employee’s personnel file for future reference is recommended.   Here are a few sample exit interview … Read More

Payroll Services and HR Alerts

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Notice of Exchanges and Subsidies – Virtually all employers, regardless of size, are required to distribute a Notice of Exchanges and Subsidies to each employee (regardless of part-time, full-time, or health plan enrollment status) by October 1, 2013. Additionally, beginning on October 1, 2013, this notice must be provided to each new employee within 14 days of the employee’s commencement … Read More

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll and Outsourcing Human Resource Services

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  Your choice determines the shape of your business by using outsourcing human resource services.  It is a myth that a business cannot be successful without taking risks. However there is no reason to do that when you can actually make a wise decision. One such aspect is outsourcing human resource services and the other is outsourcing your payroll administration to … Read More

Dominion Payroll,ACA Solution Package:Your Answer For Health Care Reform Compliance

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Keeping up with the Health Care Reform, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements is no longer optional. It is the law, and trying to make sense of the complexities around ACA regulations so that you can stay in compliance can be overwhelming. That is why there is no better time than now to leverage the professional expertise and guidance … Read More