Dominion Payroll Introduces The Beacon Webinar Series.

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Kevin Wilson, DP Director of Community Engagement, hosts The Beacon every Wednesday at 11 am EST. This webinar series explores the changing nature of work and the challenges of running a business during the pandemic and beyond. To learn more about The Beacon webinar series and how it came to be, watch this interview!


Brad: So now we’re gonna talk with Kevin Wilson, who is our Director of Community Engagement. Kevin, how’re you doing?

Kevin Wilson: I’m doing great, Brad, how are you today?

Brad: I’m great, thank you. Thanks for asking. Listen, I understand you have a new webinar series that you’ve put together, what can you tell us about it?

Kevin: Absolutely. Well, as you know, and as so many of our clients know, we have been developing this webinar series since way back in March when the world sort of went sideways. One of the things that we pivoted and tried to figure out how to do, how to stay relevant and keep servicing our clients, is we took a look at a lot of the legislation that was coming out of Washington, we looked at some of the changes and how people are able to operate and we tried to provide these daily webinars. Well, what we learned was, there was really a big appetite out there in the community for folks to check in on other industries and see how other business leaders were running their show, and so from there, we developed this new program where we’re trying to provide insights into both sort of the changing nature of work and the change of culture around work, and that’s been just really hit in accord with everybody out there, and so that’s really where this new series has come from.

Brad: Cool, very cool. 2020, if anything has been a rapid change in work, in the way that we go about work. I see it’s called The Beacon. That’s a wonderful name. What can you tell us about that? Is there some meaning behind that?

Kevin: Yeah, as we sat there and we tried to come up with a name that would be both expressive but also sort of capture the vibe of what we’re trying to do. The Beacon really became the obvious choice. What we wanna do is provide insights, we wanna illuminate some of the changing landscape that’s out there in the business community, but also there’s a safety and a camaraderie in the stories that we’re trying to tell, and I know that a lot of small business owners out there feel like they’re going it alone, and the last thing we want for our clients or for anybody out there in the business community, is to feel like maybe they’re about to crash into the shore, that they’re going it alone. So we’re trying to share stories from folks that maybe you don’t always have access to or don’t get to have in the room with you, and from learning how they’re navigating these challenging times, hopefully folks will be able to help navigate their own difficult waters.

Brad: Right, right. It’s comforting to find that there are others out there and that there’s others who have have perhaps made it to shore, if you will, to follow the metaphor a little bit.

Kevin: Sure.

Brad: Certainly, certainly. Well, that sounds great. Tell us where and when can people find you?

Kevin: Absolutely, so we’re committed to doing this every Wednesday at 11:00 AM, that’s 11:00 Eastern. My colleague, Lesley Bruno, and I are working on this program. She’s gonna be rolling in some of her HR matters topic, so personnel focus, company culture focus, that sort of thing, and then all the news related to running businesses and stories from the business community are gonna be on The Beacon. And again, to reiterate, that’s Wednesdays at 11:00 AM.

Brad: Great, Wednesday, we’ll put it on our calendars, Wednesday at 11:00 AM Eastern time, folks. Thank you, Kevin. Great talking with you. We’ll talk to you again soon.

The Beacon airs every Wednesday at 11 am EST. Register for the next webisode here

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