Dominion Payroll’s 2021 Office Olympics

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As the Richmond location transitioned into full capacity at the office, everyone was excited to come back to compete in the first DP Summer Olympics. 11 teams competed for the gold over the course of 5 games from July 12th to July 16th. The games are described below:

Cornhole – Every person on the team has 60 seconds to make as many bean bags into the cornhole as they can. To gain a point, the bean bag must make it into the hole. All points are added together and the team is scored by the grand total.

Cool Runnings – Walk 10 feet with an ice cube in a spoon, and pass the ice cube to your teammate’s spoon. If the ice cube falls, you’re out! Your team has 2 minutes to get as many laps as possible with your ice cube.
Paper Plane Contest – Every person on the team must build a paper plane with 8.5” by 11” printer paper. Points are counted by total distance the paper plane travels.

Relay Race – Relay race consists of 4 activities: riding a push scooter, using a broom to push 2 ping pong balls, riding an office chair, and running with a trash can on your foot.

“I had SO much fun! It was a great opportunity to build relationships with other people in the office”, Kailey Elder, Office Assistant, said. New traditions were set in the Richmond office, creating friendships and fun mental breaks between tasks.

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