IRS Releases New Withholding Tables and W4 for 2019

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The IRS has released Notice 1036, Early Release Copies of the 2019 Percentage Method Tables for Income Tax Withholding as well as a final version of the 2019 W4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. Exemption allowances have gone up only slightly for 2019: Pay Frequency 2018 Allowance 2019 Allowance Weekly $79.80 $80.80 Biweekly $159.60 $161.50 Semimonthly $172.90 $175.00 Monthly $345.80 $350.00 Quarterly … Read More

Ask the Expert: FUTA Credit Reduction…Reduced

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If you’ve ever witnessed a spike in Federal Unemployment Tax at the end of the year and wondered, “Why is this happening?!”, we are going to solve that mystery in this edition of “Ask the Expert”. The 2018 Federal unemployment tax rate is 6% with a wage base of $7,000 per employee. Since most companies get a 5.4% credit at … Read More

Dominion Payroll Wins ChamberRVA IMPACT Award

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In a stunning sweep of ChamberRVA’s major awards this year, on November 13th Dominion Payroll took home the IMPACT Award in the small business category. We were beyond thrilled in February when we won ChamberRVA’s HYPE Young Professional Workplace Award in recognition of our efforts to foster a great workplace for young employees. To be recognized now for our outsized … Read More

Reviewing Performance Review Pitfalls

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We know: you saw the words “performance review” at the top of this post and started reaching for the BACK button. Not many people love performance reviews: not managers, not employees, and not HR administrators who have to organize everything in one place, especially during the end of the year which can be a hectic time for everybody. Performance reviews … Read More

Weathering the Storm: HR FAQ’s

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(article courtesy of HR Support Center by Mammoth HR) Q: What is the standard for paying an employee after a natural disaster? A: When the company closes due to inclement weather, non-exempt employees (those who are entitled to overtime) need to be paid only for actual hours worked. For non-exempt employees, the company may: Pay the employee for the time, even though … Read More