How to Write an Employee Benefits Survey: 10 Sample Questions 

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In an Aflac study, 35% of employees claimed that improving their benefits package is the one thing their employer could do to keep them in their jobs – second only to increasing their pay.  A benefits package undoubtedly drives a company’s ability to hire better talent. And, as an employer, it’s smart to know exactly what your employees (and potential … Read More

Meet Justin, Senior Relationship Manager!

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Reliable Payments was launched in 2010 to be a different kind of merchant card processing company. With over 50 combined years of industry and business experience, the leaders and account executives at Reliable Payments provide tailored and consultative solutions for its customers. With this as our mission, we have thousands of local merchants to thank for allowing us to be … Read More

Dominion Payroll Summer Interns of 2021

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At the beginning June, we welcomed our interns for the Summer of 2021! During their time here, they learned about the Design Thinking Process, and were able to choose the department of their interest (Sales, Finance, or Marketing) and help the department solve a specific problems. These interns work with mentors/mentees to find the greatest solution. Here are some facts … Read More

The New and Improved Performance Review: Seven Tips for Success

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Seven Tips for Powerful Performance Management In a recent Adobe study, 80% of employees said they prefer immediate feedback rather than annual reviews. And, in response to this, many companies are rethinking performance management, ditching the scary and ineffective “annual review” and moving towards more frequent and casual methods of measuring and communicating an employee’s performance.  While it may seem … Read More

Three Tips for Effective Coaching

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The performance of your company is directly tied to the performance of your employees, so one of the best ways to develop your company is to develop the people who work for you. While you can motivate your employees by rewarding success and disciplining failure, these incentives and disincentives will only get you so far. If your employees only perform … Read More