2020 W-4 Annotated Guide

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Starting in 2020, all new hires will be required to fill out a new version of the W-4 tax withholding form that was recently released by the IRS this December. Previous hires won’t need to fill out this form solely because of the new design. However, employees who experience a life-changing event, such as getting married or having a child, … Read More

2019 SpeakUp5k Tampa: “There’s No Storm That Can Stop Us!”

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Tropical storm warning? Challenge accepted. This past weekend, the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation hosted its 4th SpeakUp5k Tampa, FL race. When the race course location got shut down just one day before the event due to tropical storm warnings, the CKGF team put their heads together and came up with an indoor solution that, in Dominion Payroll CEO Dave Gallagher’s … Read More

Employee Engagement – What it Really Takes 

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Employee engagement is a major buzzword. It’s posted on the bulletin board in the break room. It’s one of your organization’s “core values.” But what does it really mean to keep your employees engaged? Let’s start with this: employee engagement doesn’t mean happiness. An employee can be satisfied at work, but not motivated to go above and beyond in order … Read More

New Overtime Rule Raises Overtime Threshold to $35,568

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It’s official: On Tuesday, September 24th, the US Department of Labor announced a new overtime threshold, classifying more than 1 million white-collar workers as eligible for overtime compensation. Starting January 1st, 2020, all employees making $35,568 a year or less must be paid time and a half for all hours worked over the 40 hour/week line. Under the Fair Labor … Read More

 “I’m looking for people who want to do more, be more and have an impact.” Dave Gallagher’s Top Five Tips for Attracting Great Workers

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People are the most important part of any business. That’s why, as a manager, I’m looking for people who want to do more, be more, and have an impact. To me, a great employee has an insatiable need to be part of a team that tackles community needs beyond a company’s products and services. We need people that are driven … Read More