Paperless Year-End Forms FAQ


As a default, when employees log in to Employee Self-Service (ESS) for the first time, they will be asked if they would like to opt-out of receiving paper W2s. If they click “ACCEPT”, a paper W2 will not be printed. Instead, they will receive an automatic email on January 13th, 2020, informing them that their W2 is ready for download. They can then login, view, and print at their convenience.


What do I need to do?
To ensure a smooth year-end season, let your employees know about this great feature ahead of time. This will answer all their questions (so you don’t have to) and they won’t be surprised when they don’t get a paper W2. To help inform your staff, we’ve created a sample email you can send out right now which has answers to any questions your employees might have.

Sample Email

What exactly do my employees need to do to opt out of receiving paper W2s?
Not much! The first time they log in to their ESS portal, the pop-up message below will immediately appear:

Employees must respond to this to proceed to the portal. Once they click “ACCEPT”, their job is done and they will no longer receive paper W2s.

If my employees have trouble logging in, how can I help them?
ESS Login Issues
Review this document! Common issues are also addressed the Sample Email in Question #1, so be sure send that out to your staff!

My employee still can’t login to get their W2; where can I find a copy to give them?
If an employee who elected to receive their W2 electronically simply cannot login to their ESS portal, you can provide them with a paper copy by going to Employee Self-Service>W2/ACA/1099 Forms and printing from there.

Where can I see the employees that are getting a paper W2 versus an electronic W2?
Reporting>Client Reports>Electronic Tax Form Delivery Status> (Select appropriate year)

This report shows all of the employees who are getting a W2 for the year selected. You will use Columns A, B, and C to determine who is getting paper versus electronic:

Column A – If a date is populated in Column A, the employee consented to receive only an electronic W2. As long as that date is before the end of the year and column B & C are blank, that employee will receive only an electronic W2. If there is no date populated in Column A, the employee will receive a paper W2.

Column B – If a date is populated in Column B, it means the employee chose to receive a paper W2.

Column C – If a date is populated in Column C, it either means they were terminated or specifically requested to withdraw their consent. They will receive a paper W2.

If an employee who elected to receive their W-2 electronically decides they’d like a printed copy after all, the easiest way to provide them with one is by going to Employee Self-Service>W2/ACA/1099 Forms and printing from there.

If you have multiple employees in this situation, you can advise them to download and print directly by logging into their iSolved portal. They will select W2/ACA/1099 Forms on the left-hand side to access their forms.

What if my employee doesn’t see a message box when they login?
This means they must have already responded to the message.  If they don’t remember what they chose, check out the next question.

What if my employee doesn’t remember if they Accepted or Declined?
Don’t worry! I don’t remember what I ate for lunch yesterday.  They can double check by logging in to their employee portal, clicking on their name in the top left of the screen and choose Electronic Delivery – Tax Forms:

When employees click on Electronic Delivery – Tax Forms, they will see one of two messages:

  1. If the employee originally clicked Accept, the system will tell you that “You have already agreed…” If the employee sees this message box they’re all set up for electronic W2’s:
  2. If the employee originally clicked Decline, the initial message box will appear again. The employee can then elect to Accept or Decline. Remember, by clicking Accept, the employee will receive an electronic W2.

My employee originally Declined, but now they want to change their choice and receive an electronic W2
Easy peasy! Just like in the question above, if the employee logs in to their iSolved Employee Self-Service portal, they can click on “Electronic Delivery-Tax Forms” and the original message box will reappear. They can now choose to Accept.

My employee originally Accepted, but now they want to decline and receive a paper W2
In this case, the payroll admin will need to get involved and withdraw the original consent. To do that, go into Employee Maintenance>General, and enter a date in the “YE Consent Withdrawn” field.

What happens if my employee opts out after the last payroll of the year has been run?
The employee will receive a paper W2 this year.  This setting will take effect the following year

Does this apply to Terminated employees?  What about Inactive employees?
Once an employee is marked “Terminated” in the system, they will automatically receive a paper W2 (even if they had previously granted consent). However, employees marked as “Inactive” can still consent to electronic only.

Do my employees need to Accept to this consent every year?
No, this setting will save for future years.

Which specific forms does this apply to?
This applies to all year end forms: W2s, 1099s, and 1095 ACA Forms.

I’m not ready for all this. I just want all my employees to receive paper W2’s.
That’s fine! Just send us an email at and we’ll take care of the rest.

How do I ensure that my employees are set up with Employee Self Service and can login?

  1. Make sure a valid email address is populated in the Self Service Information section of the Employee Maintenance/General screen. And make sure the Enable Self Service Access box is checked.
  2. View an ESS status summary for all employees by going to Client Management>Client Utilities>Self Service Management. Check the appropriate boxes to enable, unlock, and resend activation emails. Remember, don’t worry about the Terminated Employee Counts as they will automatically receive paper W2s.

What if my employees do not use ESS?
If your employee has a valid email address, they can use Employee Self Service!  To get a list of employees who do not use ESS or do not have ESS enabled, refer to same Self Service Management screen from above.  Once you have obtained their email addresses, enter them in the Self Service Information section of the Employee Maintenance/General screen and check the Enable Self Service Access box.  Once you hit Save, an activation email will be sent to the employee.