Employee Exit Interview

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employee exit interviewTool of the Month: Employee Exit Interview
Exit interviews with employees who choose to resign can be very useful in determining the strengths and weaknesses of your organization and possibly uncover issues that you were unaware of.


Keeping exit interviews in the employee’s personnel file for future reference is recommended.


Here are a few sample exit interview questions. To find the full document with additional questions login to the HR Support Center, click on Essentials, select HR Forms, and search for Employee Exit Interview


1. Did you feel you had the support of management?


2. Was your work rewarding?


3. Were you treated fairly by the company?


4. Was your salary adequate?


5. Did you have good working conditions?


6. Was your workload reasonable?


7. Were you supervised properly?


8. Would you recommend employment with the company to others?


9. What do you feel are the company’s strengths?


10. What do you feel are the company’s weaknesses?

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