Eliminate Manual Data Entry with our General Ledger Service

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So you’ve partnered with Dominion Payroll to handle employee compensation for your firm, which has saved your human resources department valuable time. But now you’ve got to take all the payroll information and manually enter the numbers back into your own ledger to track every penny correctly, which means error-prone data entry, frustrating inconsistencies between accounts, and, worst of all, wasting your accounting department’s valuable time. What if there was a way to just have those numbers imported automatically into your accounting software? If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably already guessed that we have an answer: General Ledger services from Dominion Payroll.

When you choose our General Ledger service, our team of accountants will work with you to learn about your internal accounting processes and software. Then, every payroll cycle you’ll have your payroll journal entries available to you in a neatly-itemized file tailored to your exact specifications that are ready to be imported into your own accounting software with a few clicks. We tailor your payroll and time entry system to capture labor costs however you specify: by location, customer, grant, even percentage distributions across departments. Memo calculations such as 401(k) matching or employer costs for health care can be captured in your custom payroll system as well.

Most other payroll companies would stop there, but not Dominion Payroll: we back up our work. Should an issue arise with your GL data not importing correctly, support from a general ledger specialist is just a single phone call away. Rest easy knowing that no matter what your organization’s ledger looks like, your payroll journal entries will fit right in so wages, taxes, and withholdings are all correctly tallied.

Interested in learning more about our General Ledger service? Contact Cameron Redfearn at credfearn@dominionpayroll.com or 804-355-3430. Your accounting department will thank you for it!

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