Giving Blood & Saving Lives at Dominion Payroll!

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Erin Carlson, Benefits Specialist at Dominion Payroll, donating blood in Dominion Payroll Richmond’s Community Room

On September 23rd, we opened our Community Room in Richmond for the American Red Cross’ Blood Drive. Everyone in the Richmond area and at Dominion Payroll were encouraged to come out and donate. “I normally donate blood in this area, and this is my first time coming here. This place is awesome!,” Reimann Rodis said, Supervisor at Source One of VA Cabling Company.

This year was Dominion Payroll’s first year holding the American Red Cross’ Blood Drive. In the Spring, we had 29 donors, and donated 25 units of blood. This time around, we raised the roof by having 39 donors and donated 37 units of blood! “One of our core values at Dominion Payroll is Community. This fall we put our minds, hearts, and veins together for the good.  Our American Red Cross community blood drive was a huge success.  In collecting 37 units of blood, we are impacting over 100 lives…  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” said Susan Nixon, Culture Specialist at Dominion Payroll.

Please join us again for our Spring Blood Drive to help give blood and save lives for others like 18-month old Eloise Kolmer. “Eloise received three transfusions when she was an itty bitty, and they were quite literally life-saving. Your donations absolutely matter!” said Jordan Kolmer, Director of Technology at Dominion Payroll.

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