iSolved Hire Solves Your Hiring Process

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Your company is successful and needs to expand—that’s good, right? If you’re an HR professional that has struggled with the Byzantine process of requisitioning a new employee position, posting a job listing to a ton of different employment boards, getting a bunch of managers to rate candidates and tracking that input, your answer to that question might still be “good”…but qualified with a long, world-weary sigh.

That’s where iSolved Hire comes in. iSolved Hire is our new comprehensive recruiting tool that removes every conceivable barrier between you and your perfect candidate. Hate entering the same information over and over in a bunch of different job boards? iSolved Hire has you covered with position templates and the ability to post ads, free or paid, to every major job board out there, including Indeed, Monster, and Craigslist. Applicants then fill out an automated, wizard-style questionnaire with questions you define (but not before information is auto-magically read and parsed from applicants’ résumés!).

Once your prospective employees have submitted their information to you, hiring stakeholders can all view applicant data within iSolved Hire and rate candidates based on whatever criteria you define. No more printing out resumes, no more unwieldy email chains…no more hassle.

So you’ve found your perfect employee. Now what? Well, if you’re already taking advantage of iSolved Onboarding, all of that employee’s information from the hiring process is imported into iSolved for you with one click—no tedious rekeying of candidate data required.

For more information on iSolved Hire and how it can empower your staffing process, drop us a line at or 1-877-DPS-PAYU today!

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