iSolved Product Release v. 8.15


We are excited to announce some new changes to the benefits section of iSolved.  Prior to 8.12.22, the view is:

‘Benefits Plan’ screen name will now be called ‘Benefits.’

The updated screen will now display a fresh look with an intuitive feel, including a dashboard with multiple tabs to easily review employee benefits information in one easy-to-find place!

NEW FEATURE: The Benefits Salary Overrides function allows benefit plans to display a different number than an employee’s salary. If applicable, your Benefits Specialist will help you with this during your next open enrollment.


The ‘Benefit Rate Factor’ screen is going away and will now be the ‘Tobacco Use’ tab under ‘Benefits.’

New toggle options are available to turn details on and off to best suit the view you need!

iSolved Product Release v. 8.6

Quick Hire:

Quick Hire screen now includes Prefix, Suffix, Personal Email, Manager Search, Supervisor Search, Work Phone and usability updates for SSN and Date of Birth.

Pending Employees:

Pending Employees screen gives the user the option between a focused or detailed view.

• Bypass option to override the workflow process

• When bypassing the Employee Wizard, any data entered to date will be saved.

• Audit report has been added to capture updates made via the workflow process.

• Initiate Onboarding is now under the Pending Employees screen

• New Hires and Rehires will all now be under the Pending Employee screen instead of two different screens.

Pending Employees via API, Import, and Efficient Forms:

• Employers must use the new ‘Hire’ option to complete pending employees brought in via Import, API, or Efficient Forms.

Help Materials

Onboarding Updates Webinar

Webinar Slide Deck

iSolved Product Release v. 7.3

Never Forget an Anniversary! Employee Anniversary Screen Added to Employee Analytics! 

We have added another Employee Analytics screen to help you manage your Employee’s anniversaries. You will be able to view their Hire Date or Adjusted Service Date along with their Length of Service. It’s a great to track those special milestones.


Close Pay Period Function Moved to Process Payroll Screen

For Time users, there’s an important change to how you manage pay: The Close Pay Period screen is going away. You can now complete all functions on one screen! All the same great functionality now made even easier with the last payroll processed details on their own tab.

Help Documents: 

For Time Users:

For Payroll Only Clients:

iSolved Product Release v. 7.0

New iSolved Branding:

Users will now see new pink and black branding changes within the portal and a few menu changes. We’ve put together this guide highlighting color and navigation changes to better familiarize you with the new look. 

Benefits/HR: New Employee Dashboards for Birthdays and Emergency Contacts

iSolved has included two new items in the Admin Tools section: Birthdays and Emergency Contacts. Both screens offer filtering, sorting, and export functions.

iSolved Product Release v. 6.11

iSolved 6.11 Release Notes

iSolved Product Release v. 6.10

Employee Offboarding in iSolved: Now, within iSolved, you can create an offboarding workflow process for employee terminations, including multi-level approval process, notifications, accrual payouts and so much more! Click Here to request a demo! 

Within the Offboarding feature, you now have the ability to pay out accruals at the time of termination.

New Dashboards for Hiring, Terminations, and I-9: New dashboards have been added to the client and system levels to provide data for new hires, terminations, and I-9 completion management. Each of these dashboards allows you to filter on up to 365 days at a time. The new Column Chooser feature allows you to pick and choose what columns you see on the dashboard.

iSolved Product Release v. 6.7.00

Employees Can Now Submit Missing Punch Requests: Now, within ESS, employees can submit their own missed punch requests. Managers will see these requests under “Pending Punches” in “My Dashboard” where they can approve or deny the requests. Once approved, the edited punch will show up on the employee’s time.

iSolved Product Release v. 6.4.00

Self Service Management Menu Updates: The menu called Self Service Management has been moved to Employee Management → Employee Management Tools. 

You can now manage employee emails with the Self Service Management dashboard. Employee self-service activation emails can be sent or resent from the dashboard with tabs to see who is inactive, locked, or needs to be activated.


Find and Resend Previously Sent Employee Emails: Now, in the Self Service Management menu under the Resend Emails tab, you can search for any system-generated email that has been sent out to an employee and resend this email if needed. Emails are searchable within a 30-day range, so, for example, if you’re looking for an email that was sent three months ago in August, you could search between the dates of August 1st, 2019 – August 30th, 2019. You can filter emails by email type, organization category (department, division, ect.,) and sort by EE # and by EE name.


Alert Notifications for Termed Employees + Pending Absences: When committing time cards, you will now get warnings for pending absences, letting you know of unapproved absences. You will also get a warning if hours exist for terminated employees. 

“ The following terminated employees have transactions that will be committed for the period: (list employee names).” 

“The following employees have pending absences for the period: (list employee names.)” 

You will still have the option to “ignore warnings” and proceed if you choose to.

Employee Documents UI Update: New tabbed “filing cabinet” design with document category types.

iSolved Product Release v. 6.3.00

Employee Management Tools Reorganized: Employee Management Tools have been organized under the Employee Management menu. Depending on the tools an employer uses in iSolved, the employee administration functions can be found in one place.

New Benefit Enrollment Dashboard Tabs:

State of Progression Tabs: Now updated with easy-to-use tabs that identify employees at each state in the enrollment process and provide on line details along with reports and exports.

Pending EOI Request Tab: Tab added on the Enrollment Dashboard that will allow users to view and edit the enrollment status for Pending or Pending Late Entrant with Evidence of Insurability records.

iSolved Product Release v. 6.2.00

Forecasting Accruals Report: We can now provide a report that will give a forecast of each employee’s PTO balances while taking their current accrual rates, and any pending time-off requests into account to provide an accurate estimate of Accrual Balance Liabilities at a later date.

Labor Verification: Department/Organization Leaders will now be able to see and verify time that is worked in the department they oversee. This helps get around the 2 supervisor limit we were previously restricted to and will allow clients to be much more confident in the time they’re paying their employees.

iSolved Product Release v. 6.1.00

EEO Federal Reporting – Update in Menu and Onboarding Screens: In order to be in compliance with the new federal reporting guidelines, we have refined our EEO reporting. This includes upgrades in the menu and within the Onboarding screens.

  • Menu Change: The “Personal” folder information has been moved into the “General” folder. The “EEO” tab that used to remain in the “Personal” Folder has been put into a new folder named “Federal Reporting Data,” which also includes a “Disability” tab and a “Veterans” tab.

  • Onboarding Screen Changes: For the EEO, Disability, and Veteran screens in the Onboarding function, we have refined what information is being tracked and reported on.

Review/Excuse Alerts: The Time Card screen includes a new feature that allows you to review or excuse alerts for the date range you are viewing. Additional features of this functionality include:

  • Ability to review alerts
  • Ability to excuse alerts
  • Ability to enter alert notes

This functionality also includes review and excused status, as well as reviewed user, date/time, and notes on the Alerts Export.

New Calendar Sync Options with Outlook and Gmail: The For employees in ESS, information on “My Calendar” can now sync with Outlook and Google calendars, including approved absences, holidays, and schedules.

Your employees can find the links for the calendar subscription under the user preferences screen. *Update can take about 4-6 hours for Google and around 1 hour for Outlook.

Alert Occurrence Count Report: There is now an option for those using iSolved scheduling to run a PDF report counting the number of time card alerts. This report can include occurrences by severity, alert name, employee and/or date. Both pay run and date range versions are available.

iSolved Product Release v. 6.0.00

New Team Calendar AddedThe iSolved employee calendar has now been split into two separate calendars titled My Calendar and Team Calendar. The new Teams page on the employee calendar can be used to group employees based on default organization values. Here, employees can view when others on their team are requesting time off.

New Display Options for My Calendar and Added Team CalendarIn both calendar views, employees can now choose to display holidays and days scheduled, or hide if they prefer.

Calendar Now Printable: An employee can now print their My Calendar for the Month/Week/Day containing all the updated functionality including their schedule.

HSA + Benefit Enrollment Updates: There is now a new option for HSA Enrollment Options to allow account information updates. If the third party payee is Individual ACH the employee can select a bank account. If the third party payee is Individual ACH Employee Bank, the employee can select a routing number and bank account.

Employee Contact Update in ESS: In the ESS view, Employee Contact options (Emergency Contacts, Dependants, and Beneficiaries) have been split into three separate screens.

iSolved Product Release v. 5.0.07

Employee Preferred Name Option: If you have employees who go by other names, such as Anthony who goes by Tony or Patricia who goes by Trish, iSolved now has a field to add a preferred name. This field will be available on all new hire and employee maintenance screens. The field will display on the employee list, be included in an employee search, be available for employee emails, and be included in Report Writer.

Email Alerts for Document Acknowledgement: In iSolved you can post messages to your employees and include documents that employees must acknowledge. For example, you post the employee handbook and want to make sure it has been read. Now, iSolved has the ability to send emails to remind employees that they need to acknowledge their documents.

Client User Security Update – Alternate Profiles: With a single login, you can now toggle between different security views within pay groups.

More Details Added to Time Off Requests: On the calendar view, PTO is now displayed with the details of employee name and information, including the quantity and type of hours an employee is requesting to take off.

Stub Voucher Print Option: You no longer need to sift through a package of printed pay stubs for all employees to find the two or three employees who have requested printed pay stubs. Now, you can cherry-pick which employees receive printed paystubs before they are sent out.

Workflow Initiation: Admins are now able to initiate workflows, allowing supervisors/other admin to approve a change. In the past, only employees could initiate workflows.

Pending Employee Dashboard Update:The dashboard is now divided by Legal Company instead of showing all pending employees for an entire Client Code.

Expiration Option for Carry-Over Hours in Accrual Plans: There is now an option to put expiration dates on carry-over hours from Accrual Plans. These expirations can be set companywide or for an individual.


iSolved Product Release v. 5.0.06

Streamlined Authentication Process in Onboarding: When your new hires were in the onboarding process, they had to authenticate before and again after they completed the new hire wizard. We have streamlined this process, requiring the new hire to authenticate only once when accessing the new hire wizard.

The emails that are sent to employees have also been simplified.

New I-9 Date Range Report: The Company I-9 report will assist you with electronic recordkeeping compliance for form I-9 for new hires and rehires. The report will include all the completed form I-9 verifications and re-verifications, as well as all the applicable PDF copies linked into one PDF file.

Larger Document Storage on Employee Messages and Employee Documents: We have increased the size of the documents that can be uploaded from 4MB to 32 MB in Client Management > EE Messages and Employment > HR Management > EE Documents. You can now upload larger employee handbooks and other important documents.

Time Off Requests Month View: The Month View found under Time Off Requests > Admin now includes the following information:

  • Client holidays
  • Full name of employee
  • Pending and approved counts
  • Absence name and hours (when you hover over the employee name)
  • Total hours (hover over pending/approved label to display)
  • A “more” link that includes all employee names for the day, if the calendar day cell can’t fit them all

iSolved Product Release v. 5.0.05

Unlock Your Own iSolved Login: iSolved now allows all users to unlock their own accounts. Employees and administrators will have more control over their iSolved account while still maintaining a high level of security protection. Employees no longer need to contact the HR or payroll department to unlock their employee self-service (ESS) login.

If one of your employees forgets their password and attempts to log in, after five unsuccessful attempts, the account is locked. In this release, a new feature will be implemented that automatically unlocks the account after 10 minutes. They can attempt to log in again or use the forgot password function. If the user attempts to log in again and has five more failed attempts, the 10-minute process will be repeated.  Although ESS users will have the ability to unlock their account, a client-level or service-level user can still unlock the accounts on the general screen.

iSolved has also enhanced the messaging for user log in attempts. After each failed attempt the message will count down, so users are alerted that their account will be locked.

New Accumulators: There are now two new accumulators available in the Report Writer, Prior 12 Months Dollars and Pay Periods Paid

Verification of Payroll Accuracy: Payroll administrators will now be prompted as they process payroll that they have checked their submissions for accuracy. A total of new hires, new direct deposit accounts, and changed direct deposit accounts will be displayed on this verification screen.

iSolved Product Release v. 5.0.04

Reboarding Options for Terminated Employees: If you take advantage of the onboarding feature in iSolved, you will now have an electronic process for rehiring employees as well. The reboarding option will be available, making it easier to bring re-hired employees onboard electronically.

Use existing templates or build specific rehire templates that you can select when rehiring terminated employees. This will provide the rehired employee a link to walk through a rehire wizard and update their information electronically, allowing you to complete the rehire once the employee information is complete.

reboarding screen

reboarding screen

Pending Employee Dashboard Updates: This release will also include new features to manage new employees on the pending employee dashboard. New hires and rehires will be managed using separate tabs on the dashboard. If your newly hired or rehired employees are in the process of completing the onboarding or reboarding process, you will have the option to view data that has been entered in the wizard and monitor the employee progress.

International and Military Address: Employers pay employees that may request their paystubs or tax forms be mailed to Canada, a military base, or another area outside of the United States. You can now enter an international or military address for mailing to employees. The override address can be included on paystubs and on W2/1099/ACA forms. The override address is available for mailing labels and in report writer for reporting purposes as well.

Note: iSolved calculates paychecks for employees working in the U.S. and U.S. territories only. 

reboarding screen

reboarding screen

Gross Up Manual Check: Cash or gift cards now have the option of being “grossed up” from a net amount automatically to cover jurisdictional taxes. These checks will display in Individual Time Entry as an additional check. Contact if you’re interested in this feature!

iSolved Product Release v. 5.0.03

Enhancement of Password Security: Some people are frustrated by having to change their password every 90 days, while others worry about the security of personal data. In response to customer concerns, iSolved passwords will no longer expire, effectively removing the 90-day expiration period. Passwords must now follow enhanced complexity rules to prevent password hacking, including a minimum length of 12 characters, upper and lower case characters, and spaces to allow for password phrases.

Dominion Payroll strongly encourages iSolved users to change their password BEFORE it expires to meet the new security requirements. Again, this will be the LAST TIME you’ll be asked to change your password. To change your password:

  1. Click your name at the top left corner of the screen, then click “My Account.”
  2. Compose a new password that meets the new enhanced password requirements.

Enhancement of Labor Value Searches in Time Entry Screens: If you use the time entry grid or individual time entry screen and you distribute employee time across labor values, the lookup process is now much easier, with newly-searchable drop-down menus with autocomplete. You can search on either the labor code or the value description.

Acknowledged documents save electronic signature: If an employee is required to acknowledge review of a document (benefits manual, employee handbook, etc.), a copy of the document that was acknowledged can now be saved to the Employee Documents and includes the signature, username, and date/time. This is available for any employer that uses Employee Self Service and requires users to agree to the Electronic Consent agreement. This signature page will be appended to the original document that your employee reviewed when saved in iSolved.

Dominion Payroll must turn the Electronic Consent checkbox on for your organization before you may use this feature. Contact us for details.

PRO TIP: Don’t have your own employee handbook loaded? Drop us a line at (or join us for an ESS/Employee Messaging webinar at 3:00 p.m. on Monday, 7/23 or Tuesday, 7/24) so you can start getting more out of the Employee Self Service module!

iSolved Product Release v. 5.0.02

New Report Type: There’s a new report type: Check File. This report type will allow you to create a bank reconciliation report or positive pay file for your bank.

Report Writer Search Functionality: This new functionality will look through all categories and give you a list of all fields that match. Click on the one you want to add to your custom report.

Report Updates: Look for new options when creating a Labor Allocation Detail by Date Range or Labor Allocation Summary by Date Range. New options added include:

  • Filter by labor value
  • Page break by labor field (grouping available for up to 5 labor values)
  • Exclude employees by EE number (.e. 101, 102, 103)
report search functionality
report search functionality

Resend Authentication Email: There is now an added option to resend the employee authentication email to a new hire. You can find this option under the Pending New Hire Dashboard.

Work Location Search: You can now use the search capabilities for the work location drop-down.

Pending Benefits on Termination Wizard: If you are terminating an employee through the Termination Wizard, you can now end their current benefits and end pending benefits (with a reason and a stop date).

pending benefits termination
employee alerts

Time Card Alert Notifications: Alert notifications for time cards can be sent via email and/or mobile push notifications. These alerts can be customized and set up to go out during your company’s operating hours.

iSolved Product Release v. 5.0.01

Employees Can Make Changes to Benefits Information Throughout the Year Without Waiting for Open Enrollment- Employees can now make changes to their 401(k) and HSA amounts, HSA accounts, beneficiaries, and primary care physician throughout the year without having to wait for an open enrollment period. Previously, an “all year” open enrollment period was needed for this functionality.

benefit updates screen
PTO accrual

Time Off Balance Forecasting- New functionality in the Time screen allows employees to see forecasted time off balances, including pending requests and approved requests. The screen can show forecasted balances for the current plan year and the next plan year.

iSolved | GO V12.0 – Several updates have been made to the iSolved GO mobile app, including the option to download paystubs and W2’s to mobile devices. Simply click on the Downloads icon on the home screen and then select the documents to download.

Enhanced Workflow Setup- Workflow emails can now be sent without being manually approved. Now supervisors and managers (or whoever is included in a workflow) can simply be alerted of changes to employee data without having to take an action. 

iSolved Product Release v. 4.0.16

Employees Can Opt Out of Receiving Printed Tax Forms (Starting November 15th) Employees will have the option to opt out of receiving printed tax forms starting on November 15th, 2017. These employees will retrieve their forms from the employee self-service on the W2/1099/ACA forms screen. Forms include W2, 1099, and 1095 (ACA). If your employees opt out of receiving the paper forms, this will apply to all tax forms.

When your employees sign in (after November 15th), a box will pop up titled “Terms of Use and Consent to Electronic Delivery of Tax Forms.” Each employee can choose “I Accept” or “I Decline” to receive the forms electronically. If an employee chooses “I Accept,” they can go back and change their choice later on within iSolved. Those that accepted will receive an automated email in January to alert them when their electronic tax forms are available.

NOTE: If an employee has previously elected not to receive printed forms and is terminated prior to the end of the year, they will receive a paper W2.

Verification Filters – When you view the Earnings Summary of Hours from the dashboard the Pay Group and Payroll Run filters are moved to far right to Verification Filter box making it easier to pull up mass verification.

Apply Threshold Alert – Threshold alert allows you to define when to kick off an alert based on a threshold setting. For example, you can now be alerted when your employee hits 40 hours for the week. It will also estimate when the employee will cross that threshold based on their punched IN time for the day. This helpful tool makes it easy to see, at a glance, if an employee’s hours will hit overtime. Get to the alert in Time Card Screen>Reports>My Dashboard: Alert Monitoring.

iSolved Time Timeclock ID (for iSolved Time users): – The Timeclock ID field will be restricted to a numeric only field unique to each employee. Employees with alphabet characters will not be updated automatically. However, if an attempt is made to update anything on the General screen an error will show in the Time Clock ID field. This error will state that the field needs to be Numeric only.


Push Notification to Verify Time Card – Instead of waiting around for employees to verify time cards or sending emails to remind them, this new addition makes it easier to approve time cards and keep the payroll processing moving. You can instantly send a push notification reminder to all employees who have not verified their time cards.

New Holiday Condition: “Worked Hours in Previous Days” can now include Holidays as worked hours. Example: As an Employee, I am awarded Holiday hours if I work the previous day. For Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving, I would get both days off since Thanksgiving is included in the “Worked Previous Days rule to Include Holidays.”

New Labor Report Field: Hourly rate is now an available field for labor reports.

Report Writer Report for iSolved Time: Time & Attendance-related reports created in Report Writer can now be made available in the “Timecard Preview Results” drop-down menu under Close Pay Period.

Year-End Reports on Demand: This screen now has a report category filter and search.

iSolved Product Release v. 4.0.13

Deferred Participation Requirements Added – When you have selected the Deferred Comp Plan on the Employee Benefit Plan screen, the right side of the screen will list the plan setup information and will show the employee’s information. You can at view which rules have been met (e.g., length of service, age, hours worked) and how close the employee is to meeting all the plan’s requirements based on your particular requirement setup.

Updated Benefit Plan Detail Screen – The Employee Self-Service Benefit Screen will now include the requested multiple and actual coverage amount, as well as the deduction amount.

Employee Hiring and Termination Updates – Although no employer wants an employee to start and leave on the same day, it can happen. iSolved will now allow an employee to be terminated on the same day as their start date.

Employee I-9 Verification Report Enhancements – The Employee I-9 Verification report will now include signature date and rehire dates.

Benefit Enrollment E-Signature Acknowledgements and the Employee Messages Acknowledgement Report – Both acknowledgement reports now include username (email addresses) of the users. Date, time and the user information can reduce disputes over consent.

Time Card Updates – Users will now be able to track changes to verifications made on the Time Card screen. The report will include supervisor and manager signature lines. Also, there is now an option for a user to delete all time on a given day.

iSolved Product Release v. 4.0.11

New ESS Punch Page – Employees will no longer need to log in to punch in or out. Employees will also be prompted when it is time to verify their timecard and if they have pending messages to login and view/do those actions.

Payroll Tax Calculation – This update is for tax priority for unpaid tips and insufficient net. The addition of this calculation follows the IRS suggestion.

Client Change Log – Added eligibility rules and accruals

iSolved Hire

The new applicant-tracking tool, iSolved Hire, is now available to add to your iSolved platform. Adding this robust solution to your payroll and HR platform makes it easy to find, attract, and hire the top talent for your open roles.

iSolved Hire includes reporting capabilities, integrating assessments, and applicant scoring to simplify the hiring process while getting your open positions in front of top candidates.

For more information about adding iSolved Hire to your iSolved platform, please contact your account manager.

iSolved Product Release v. 4.0.09

Client Report Search Feature – The report search feature makes it easy to find specific reports with just a keyword or two. Enter the keywords of the report into the search bar above the report list and find the exact report you need.

Employee Documents screen look and feel change – When you select the Employee Documents screen, you’ll notice a brand new look and feel. It has changed from the standard grid view to a tile view for easier sorting and viewing.

Security Improvements – There are new security measures to prevent unauthorized direct deposit updates. Each time you process a payroll, a popup alerts you to the number of new or updated direct deposits for auditing purposes.

Improved Authentication – Two Factor authorization will now check the browser’s cookies to see if device has been previously used. If not recognized, iSolved will prompt the two factor secure login.

iSolved Product Release v. 4.0.07

My Dashboard for Manager/Supervisor Users – This dashboard will display links to pending workflow transactions and pending Time Off Requests.

My Dashboard: Added Punch Status Page – This screen displays a summary of employee punch status as of their last transaction (the values match the ESS Last Transaction on the Punch Menu).

Security Improvements – There are new security measures to prevent unauthorized direct deposit updates. Each time you process a payroll, a popup alerts you to the number of new or updated direct deposits for auditing purposes.

Improved Authentication – Two Factor authorization will now check the browser’s cookies to see if device has been previously used. If not recognized, iSolved will prompt the two factor secure login.

Symmetry Tax Wizard – Integrated with ESS. Employees now have direct access to Symmetry Tax Wizard to assist with filling out W-4 and state tax forms. This pulls in the employee’s SSN along with work and resident tax location information. Upon saving, the tax documents are saved in employee documents and information is updated.

 Also included in this update:

  • Time Off Email Template – Added new placeholders that include the absence policy and absence dates in workflow emails for Time Off Requests
  • Several bug fixes and minor tweaks

iSolved Product Release v. 4.0.06

iSolved 4.0.06 introduces a new user interface with a more efficient flow and a cleaner feel. It’s now quicker and easier for you to search, navigate, and get your tasks done!

Visual Enhancements PDF.              New User Interface Video.

Current settings, information, accessibility or administrative access WILL NOT CHANGE! Functionality flow will remain EXACTLY the same.

The Home/Account/Learning Center/Logout menu is now on the left side instead of the right. See below to see a sample of some of the new screens.

Employee Profile Screen

Employee Time Off Requests

Employee General Screen

Also included in this update:

Spreadsheet Mode – After clicking edit on an employee’s timecard, users have the ability to toggle to spreadsheet mode allowing a different view of the employee’s timecard. (Screenshot to the right)

New Report/Log to show Uncommitted Time in previous pay runs – When an error that states “there is uncommitted time in previous pay runs” shows up on screen, an ‘Uncommitted Time Report’ can now be generated to display the data that will be committed if the error is ignored.

Direct Deposit – If a duplicate account exists, iSolved alerts the service bureau and company – An e-mail will be triggered to your company group and “Payroll Notification” contacts, notifying recipients of any employees with duplicate direct deposit information. This is to help with fraud prevention in the case of a security breach where somebody may change multiple employee’s direct deposit information to all go to the same bank account.

New ACA Dashboard Functionality – Easily view affordability details at a a glance and get a quick list of ineligible employees.

Time Off Request Updates – The new update will allow visibility of Rejected Time Off Requests in the Admin screen. Workflow for Time Off Requests can also now vary based on Absence Policy.

Report Writer – There are new Sub Report Types under the Time & Attendance Report Type. These include “Attendance Payroll Report” and “Attendance Report Data Range”. Using these two reports you have the ability to create various reports by Payroll or Date Range. You can also export group data without subtotals. (often required by 3rd party payrolls)

 iSolved Product Release v. 4.0.05

iSolved Time: Scheduling & Attendance Module

iSolved Time is becoming a more robust and easy-to-use solution with the addition of the Scheduling & Attendance module. For customers who already have iSolved Time, this new module makes it a snap to build employee schedules, monitor attendance, and compare schedules vs. time worked. And because it’s native to iSolved, all data is immediately accessible for payroll processing.


Report Writer Phase 2 – Alerts, Verification, Adjustments
New Sub report Types added for Time & Attendance.

  • Timecard Adjustment Payroll Report
  • Timecard Adjustment Date Range Report
  • Timecard Alerts Date Range Report
  • Timecard Alerts Payroll Report
  • Timecard Verification Date Range Report
  • Timecard Verification Payroll Report

Scheduler: Click and Drag across Employees and Days to Schedule
In the scheduler edit mode, users will have the ability to chick and drag days and employees , then apply  a schedule.


Self-Service Punching: IP Restrictions
New field in Time Card permissions to select restrict Punching for ESS employees to specific IP Address locations.

Onboarding Phase 3

iSolved Onboarding has been upgraded with Phase 3 features and now includes E-sign capabilities for employee tax forms and the I-9 employer and employee submission process. It also features an enhanced workflow setup process to make the onboarding process even easier.

Compliance Update

Employers in cities that have enacted their own minimum wage laws will be excited about this update. iSolved now includes support for these custom wages in places like Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles.

Benefit Enrollment

You now have the options to automatically enroll an employee in a specific benefit based on enrollment in another benefit. For example, if an employee is enrolled in a Blue Cross medical plan that covers the family, it can automatically enroll that employee in the corresponding Blue Cross dental family coverage.

Restrict Access to an IP Address

Ability to implement IP white lists of allowed IP addresses which could access the application. This can be done at the client and service bureau level. This feature allows a company to white list the IP(s) necessary to restrict usage to the office.

Other Items

  • An update to our OSHA reporting now provides the option to identify “reportable” vs “non-reportable” incidents.
  • Report Writer now includes support for fixed length exports and header/footer records. We have added a report description field. These features are especially useful for 401(k) and GL vendor exports from Report Writer.
  • Can now inactivate Pay Groups if not intending to process payroll for a Specific Pay Group any longer.