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  • Cutting-edge solutions to meet your business needs.
  • Our online payroll solutions offer seamless integration with time and attendance systems and HR systems to provide the total package
  • From the simplest payrolls to the most complex, the platforms are customized to meet each client’s individual needs.


Tax pay and Filing

Believe it or not, tax-filing services are the essence of payroll service bureau operations. Many companies outsource payroll more to get rid of the burden of tax filing than the payroll process itself! DP processes, files, and pays all payroll related taxes to the appropriate agencies, giving our clients the benefits of a local service with the financial and process security for all your payroll tax needs. All clients are insured, and DP maintains all communication with the appropriate tax entities regarding any notice you may receive.

Check Signing

To preserve the security of your payroll information, all of our checks are pressure-sealed before packaging. We laser sign your payroll checks using single, double, or triple signature lines, even add your company’s logo and address to your payroll checks if you like! We then pressure-seal the checks. The employee’s name and address, division, department, employee number, and check number print on the outside of the check to help you get them all in the right hands. Signed, sealed, and delivered.

Direct Deposit

DP offers full-service direct deposit to all clients, a feature that has changed the landscape of payroll. This feature allows employers to get their funds directly to employee bank accounts. We can even make multiple deposits per employee! Providing direct deposit streamlines the payroll process so that you don’t have to spend time sorting checks and getting them in the hands of employees. Even better, your employees don’t have the distraction of leaving the office to deposit their checks, and you don’t have to worry about the reconciliation anymore!

Benefit Accrual

Our Employee Services product allows payroll administrators to have their employees enroll in their benefit plans online, then seamlessly integrates with our online payroll product (PayChoice Online) via scheduled deductions. Have a change in the premium for an existing plan? Plans can be modified in Employee Services, then automatically update deductions In PayChoice Online for all employees enrolled in the modified plan. Reports are available through this module to provide information on benefit plans and employee enrollment as well. Speaking of benefits, take a look at our Full Benefits Administration Service!

Tax Management at DP


  • With our full in-house tax service, payroll tax liabilities are debited and paid to agencies each pay period. DP is responsible for the accuracy of all payroll tax returns.
  • Signature ready tax checks are produced each payroll period. This service offers clients the flexibility to manage their own tax deposits.
  • We create the tax checks paid to the order of the proper agency, but the client is responsible for their timely deposit.
  • The quarterly and annual returns are created for the client and await their final signature.
  • DP provides only the reports needed for the client to make the appropriate tax deposits.
  • The client is responsible for payments and filings.

Management Reports


  • Service Bureau Created Reports – Clients receive standard PayChoice reports each pay period. DP customizes reports and produces them at any desired frequency. General Ledger reports are the most frequently requested reports.
  • ASCII and CSV Style Reports – Deferred compensation partners often require unique layouts for data. DP creates reports that allow the client to transmit directly to Third Party Administrators.
  • “Do-It-Yourself” Reports – PayChoice Online offers reporting capabilities that allow clients to create and print reports on demand from any internet-connected computer.
  • ViewChoice Email Reports – Through encrypted software, clients are emailed a copy of the payroll reports as soon as the payroll is processed at DP.

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