Giving Your New Hire a Great First Impression

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Nearly a quarter of staff turnover happens within six weeks of starting employment, which wastes time and resources. When a new hire starts with your company, this will be his or her first chance to see how it operates. Clear instructions, timely responses from management and human resource staff, and proper handling of new hire paperwork are important tasks that help instill confidence in new employees. In other words…a strong, clear onboarding process is key to getting off on the right foot. But when your new hire is shuffling between departments during the first week of employment, it can be tough to keep track of where he or she is in the onboarding process. Here are some strategic ways to improve your onboarding process.

Set Expectations Before Their First Day

When your employees understand your expectations, their performance tends to be much better. This is especially true of new hires, who are trying to adapt and learn more about the company culture and the new positions that they are filling. Take time to reduce ambiguity around policies and responsibilities.

Automating your New Hire Process

“If you can use automation to take care of much of the administrative work, it frees you to focus on creating people connections and relationships that strengthen the bonds for new hires and improve retention,” said Jen Stroud, HR transformation leader at ServiceNow, at Santa Clara, Calif. In today’s process is that it requires a lot of manual processing such as handling new hire’s paperwork. With our Onboarding Solutions, we are able to eliminate the paperwork and streamline your new hire process so you can welcome your new hire and give them a great first impression. If you want to learn more about our Onboarding Solutions, click here.

Welcome your New Hire

A new hire may feel confused or overwhelmed when starting in a new role. Here at Dominion Payroll, our Human Resources team created a buddy system for our new hires. The buddy system is where a new hire is teamed up with an existing Dominion Payroll employee. It is a 12-week program where the buddies check-in with each other, go on buddy outings such as lunch dates, and the new hire has a resource for  any questions they may have. The new hire may potentially create their first friend at work!

Dominion Payroll also implements a 2-week orientation to meet all the managers! The new hire can ask questions, and learn more about everyone’s role. Ultimately, spend time with the new hire and provide information about goals and the company vision; you are laying a foundation for better employee satisfaction.

Request for Feedback

When new hires feel satisfied and have lower stress levels at work, it reduces the risk that they will look for other opportunities. Stress reduction, job satisfaction, and improved performance all add up to the ultimate goal of higher retention rates. Once the new hire is acclimated in their role, request for feedback on how your organization can improve the onboarding process in the future.

Overall, having an automated process allows you to welcome your new hire and go over expectations & values than walking them through their I-9 form. The new hire can onboard on their own time, and will have access to their information through their mobile devices. If you are looking to automate your onboarding process, check out our Onboarding Solutions today.


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