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The latest iSolved Release is going live now! New in this version:

  • Employees Can Opt Out Of Receiving Printed Tax Forms (starting November 15th)
  • Push Notification to Verify Time Card
  • Apply Threshold Alert
  • …and more!

Employees Can Opt Out of Receiving Printed Tax Forms

Administrators hate having to resend tax forms to employees who lost theirs, right? The updates in this release (available November 15th) will make compliance and year-end forms/electronic files much easier to manage! Employees will then be able to opt out of receiving printed tax forms in the first place (like the W2, 1099, and 1095), instead receiving everything right in iSolved to print at their convenience. This will massively reduce the amount of paper forms to distribute, and cut down on employees losing hard copies of their tax information.

When your employees sign in to iSolved, a box will pop up titled “Terms of Use and Consent to Electronic Delivery of Tax Forms.” Each employee can choose “I Accept” or “I Decline” to receive the forms electronically.

  • If an employee chooses “I Accept,” they can go back and change their choice later on within iSolved.
  • Employees who opt out of receiving the paper forms will receive an automated email in January to alert them when their electronic tax forms are available.

iSolved Time Improvements

Push Notification to Verify Time Card

  • Instead of twiddling your thumbs waiting for employees to verify time cards (or badgering them with individual emails to remind them), this new addition makes it easier to approve time cards and keep the payroll processing moving. You can instantly send a push notification reminder to all employees who haven’t verified their time cards.

Apply Threshold Alert

  • So let’s say that you need to cut down on the amount of overtime hours you’re paying out, but there’s no great way to keep track of who’s about to cross into the overtime threshold. Well, now there is! iSolved will now allow you to define hours thresholds and alert you when they’re about to be crossed, so you won’t be caught off guard by having to cut huge overtime checks again!

For more details on the latest and greatest iSolved release, check out our release notes page:


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