Quarter 2 Reminders 2021

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Here are some Quarter 2 tax reminders for June and July.

ERC Credit Information

Any ERC credits you are looking to have refunded on the 941 need to be reported before you process your final June payroll.  For example, if you are running a payroll on June 23rd for June 25th, that needs to be reported to customer service before it processes on the 23rd. Please note that if your credits are not reported before your payroll run  date then an amended return will be required to obtain such credits. Preparation of amended filings  for 2nd quarter ended June 30, 2021  will be prepared  in the order received beginning August 1st.

Second Quarter Report

The last day to report a payroll for second quarter without your returns needing to be amended will be July 6th.  Keep in mind that reporting late may still result in late penalties and interest from tax agencies.

iSolved Quarterly Packages

All quarterly packages are scheduled to be available in iSolved no later than July 19th.

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