Snow storm doesn’t delay W2s thanks to our hero tax team!

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The Dominion Payroll Tax team tackled the W-2 storm like champions this past weekend. While Richmond was enjoying a fresh coating of snow, the tax team was busy inside fulfilling your W-2 dreams.

In the weeks leading up to January 5th, the team ran reports looking for any errors and made corrections as needed. Printing the job started on Thursday and ran almost continuously through Sunday night. The team maintained a high level of quality control over the operation constantly testing and proofing for any errors. Over 70,000 W-2’s were printed and sealed in Richmond with another 35,000 in Nashville and Tampa. In Richmond the team took up residence at a nearby hotel in order to be on site through the run.

This is the seventh year that team leaders Nick Lehto and Ken Fetzer have been at the helm for this endeavor. They were assisted by teammates Cameron Redfearn, Alexis Yamashita, Dianey Anderson, Sam Whitehurst, Cristina Dunn and Will Hopkins – all needed to get the big job done.

W-2s are going out this week with payrolls. Employers will have them to distribute to employees well in advance of the January 31st deadline.

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