The Women Behind the Spartan Shield

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“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” – Japanese proverb


The Dominion Payroll Training Department recently received the iSolved “Scholar Award,” recognizing Dominion Payroll as the company with the highest amount of certifications earned in iSolved, our HCM platform. These certifications were earned not only by our employees but by our clients as well.

Providing our clients with thorough training on our platform is something we’re really focused on at Dominion Payroll. There’s a lot to take advantage of in iSolved, and we want to make sure that our clients are fully utilizing all of its features. To make that easy, we have a training team dedicated to this mission.

Learning is one of the smartest things we can invest in as a company. That’s why we’ve snatched up some incredible teachers.

Meet our Training team:


Angie Trapp, Director of Training: Angie’s been with Dominion Payroll for 9 years and led the creation of the Training department in 2015. She oversees all things training and is constantly thinking of the best way to teach our clients.


Lauren Palmer, Training Specialist: Lauren’s been with Dominion Payroll for 9 years, moving in between Time & Attendance, Client Escalation, Implementation, and now Training. As a Training Specialist, she focuses on Time & Attendance, working with both clients and employees.


Tatjana Červenka, Training Specialist: Tatjana’s been with Dominion Payroll for 3 years and joined the Training team this past February, switching over from Customer Service. She focuses specifically on Payroll Services and trains both clients and employees. One of Tatjana’s current missions is revamping our internal Customer Service training, utilizing experience from her previous role.


Our training team offers unlimited in-person and online training for clients and our employees. Content for these classes covers the various features within iSolved and is driven by the needs of our clients. “If a client has an issue with iSolved or wishes to learn more in a specific area, we’ll work directly with them. If it’s a common issue, more often than not, we’ll develop a webinar on that subject and make it available to the entire client base,” says Angie.

As the company grows, the Training department will continue to scale. “When the training demands got too big for just me and Angie to handle, we brought Tatjana to our team. She’s been awesome,” says Lauren.

Creating an internal career path program is high up on the list of future goals for the department. “We’re working one-on-one with employees who have goals to grow within the company, setting up the training that they need to do so. We’d love to build this into more of an established program,” says Angie. “A program like this could be a combination of tailored training and personal growth coaching for each employee based on their ambitions,” Lauren adds.

We hope our clients take advantage of our complimentary, unlimited training. The best way to fully utilize iSolved is to know the system well and our classes will help you get there. Need to learn how to use Employee Self Service? We’ve got a class for that! Or maybe you want to master Report Writer? There’s a class for that! Whatever the iSolved issue, we probably have a class for it. And, if not, let’s make one!

Click here to view a full list of online training classes for this month!

Have an idea for a training class that you don’t see on this list? Email with your ideas!

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