Time and Attendance Tracking

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http://timetrackerapp.com/images/timetracker-icon.jpgOur TimeClock 330   time and attendance tracking  solutions is easy to setup and easy to use–just plug it in and punch in or out with the push of a button! The clock can be set such that employees punch in their ID number,swipe a card, or log their time online. This time and attendance solutions was designed with “everyday people” in mind.There is NO software to install and you can simply view, edit, and run reports through your web browser. Our web-based server does all the collecting, calculating, processing, and reporting quickly and accurately.


Automated timekeeping dramatically reduces the administrative work involved in collecting and calculating employee hours. Because our time and attendance solutions allows your data to be sent electronically for payroll processing, you can eliminate:

  • Faxing, phoning in, or any other form of manual transmission of employee data
  • Human error associated with manually calculating time sheets
  • Labor hours required by payroll clerks to collect and calculate payroll each period


Sign in at the Clock or Online

Time Clock and WebClock are the two primary methods utilized to collect timekeeping data via the SwipeClock service. With exceptional user ease for the setup and day-to-day use, Time Clock and Web Clock can be used separately or networked to function simultaneously on a single account.The SwipeClock solution can be scaled up or down to meet your company’s needs. Whether it be as simple as “in and out” or as complex as labor distribution and shift differentials, your company account will be user-friendly and as detailed as necessary to meet your timekeeping needs.


Automated timekeeping is a powerful savings tool for employers. Not only does it provide great convenience for HR staff members, supervisors, and business owners,but it also dramatically REDUCES LABOR COSTS. Savings are created through:

  • Eliminated “wasted labor minutes” from employee time theft and approximations
  • Eliminated time spent by payroll clerks in collecting and calculating time card data
  • Minimized expenses associated with human error in processing time keeping data
  • Increased productivity and accountability for time worked by employees