Why Now Is the Best Time to Invest in an LMS

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With many of the challenges that have come about due to the pandemic, now is a wise time to invest in an LMS (Learning Management System) for your company.

Let’s face it, your work has changed dramatically due to Covid-19. Your employees may be working remotely and probably less engaged. Your company culture may have suffered, and rebuilding is a challenge. Your employee training and performance management may have slipped. These and other challenges brought about in 2020, make this year a smart time to invest in an LMS.

By employing a strong LMS, you can make sure that training remains consistent and skills stay sharp across your organization. Even without coming into the office, new hires can be onboarded and trained in everything from core jobs skills to company culture-building activities. An LMS allows you to offer courses available at any time and can ensure that everyone receives the same training.

Here’s how your business can benefit from adopting an LMS:

Maintain Compliance

Many states now require quarterly harassment training for business employees. Some industries require specific training to maintain credentials. All of these compliance challenges can be solved with a strong LMS. An LMS will ensure that your staff is properly credentialed and your business remains compliant. Classes in workplace safety, anti-harassment, and continuing education can all be easily delivered and tracked through a robust LMS.

Centralized and Consistent  

It used to be that training materials were kept in loose training binders shared with co-workers. Documents were lost and access was limited. With an LMS all of your educational materials are in one place and accessible by all employees anytime. Having your documents in a cloud-based LMS, like iSolved Learn, reduces the chances of losing significant data.

Stronger Communication

An LMS allows you to have open lines of communication between your employees, which promotes a sense of community within the workplace. This is particularly vital as many companies continue to work remotely. Different learning management systems offer a variety of communication avenues such as forums and discussion boards allowing people to collaborate, bounce ideas off of each other, and work through problems together.

Retaining Top Talent

Bringing aboard an LMS shows you trust your employees and that you’re committed to their career growth. You are able to keep employees engaged while providing them with the skills to succeed. This is essential in building strong employee relationships and retention. An LMS is a solution that allows you to track, document, report, create, and deliver training programs to your employees.

Performance Management

A strong performance management process is critical to maximizing organizational capabilities and better managing your resources. Performance must periodically be reviewed by employees and supervisors. A good LMS includes a structured platform that enables standard and objective performance reviews and management. Employee activity, class participation, and performance can all be reviewed through the LMS. Required course paths and custom classes can be created for specific positions while progress can be reviewed graphically within the platform.

No matter the size of your business or the industry you are in, an LMS is a smart investment for your employees, especially as we work through the challenges of the pandemic. It enhances skills, ensures your training is centralized and consistent, manages performance review processes, and shows your employees that you are invested in their career growth and development.

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