Angie Trapp and Abbey Andrews: Making DP History

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March is known as Women’s History Month where we celebrate and honor the contribution of women not only in US history but also in Dominion Payroll history. Our company wouldn’t be the same nor possible without our DP women who make up: 63% of our employees, 82% of the Management Team, and 40% of the Executive Team. 

This Women’s History Month, Dominion Payroll would like to highlight two very special women, Angie Trapp and Abbey Andrews, who have both made significant contributions to Dominion Payroll’s product, service, culture, and internal family: 


Angie Trapp, Key Account Manager

Angie Trapp has been with Dominion Payroll since 2010, and she held 6 different positions ever since! It all started in 2010 when she was an Account Manager, quickly transitioned into an Implementations Manager until 2012, and she became a Migration Manager, was Director of Training for 5 years, worked as a Product Solution Specialist, and is now a Key Account Manager.

Outside of work, you will catch Angie cooking in the kitchen as she has a passion for cooking, and loves spending time with her 4-year old son, and 83-year-old mother. 

In her 12 years with Dominion Payroll, her favorite Dominion Payroll traditions are our catered Friday lunches and the numerous holiday parties!  One of Angie’s favorite memories at Dominion Payroll is troubleshooting with one of our CEOs, David Fratkin. “David Fratkin would put on his thinking rubber band on whenever we needed to troubleshoot.” 

Angie is best known as being the “Mama Bear” at Dominion Payroll as she always comes in with her breakfast quiches, and additional meals to feed the office during the week. She has a heart of gold and a caring soul that is recognized by many. Here are some kind words we would like to share about Angie: 

“Angie is a Legend! You will often hear clients mention her by name and list off the countless ways she has helped them over the years. She migrated a huge portion of our client base from the old Paychoice system over to iSolved, speaking with every client through her training sessions and making truly wonderful impressions on each one of them. She bakes, cooks, cleans, picks up, packs up, always saves the leftovers for giving away to someone in need. We would generally be lost without her…as well as hungry.  Angie, the Legend.” – John Griffin, President of Client Experience

“Angie is truly a jack of all trades! From her famous kahlua cakes to organizing so many events, she truly cares and provides for everyone. Personally and professionally, Angie has been there for me through so many things and will always be a valued friend and colleague. Having Angie in your life in any capacity is a true blessing!” – Stephanie Young, Director of Product Solutions

“Angie was the glue that held our little webinar team together back in the wild and uncertain days of 2020. She made sure we were fed, made sure the technology worked, asked about our kids, kept the conference room stocked with hand sanitizer, tracked our numbers, and most importantly, kept us laughing, all of this on top of helping to figure out what in the h*ll was coming out of Washington in terms of stimulus and how it affected payroll, iSolved, and our clients. Thank you, Angie, for taking such good care of us!” – Lesley Bruno, Director of HR Consulting Services

“Working with Angie Trapp has always been a great pleasure. Her professionalism and can-do attitude make it easy to accomplish tough projects free of unnecessary stress or worry. Angie’s deep knowledge of our payroll platform and commitment to excellence in customer service are truly second to none. Angie shines in all that she undertakes and I can’t sing her praises loudly enough! Five stars!” – Kevin Wilson, Director of Community Engagement


Abbey Andrews, Product Solutions Specialist

Abbey Andrews celebrates her 10-year anniversary with Dominion Payroll this year! Since joining the team in 2012, Abbey has played a role in almost all departments! She started out as a Receptionist, Pack-Out Assistant, and Human Resources Admin, worked her way to a Customer Service & Workers Compensation Specialist, Key Accounts Support Specialist, Time and Attendance Specialist, to now Product Solutions Specialist. 

Abbey is happily married and has a two-year-old boy and a one-year-old girl that is keeping her busy outside of work. You will most likely find her at a river or at the beach during the summer, or at a concert/music festival!

In her 10 years with Dominion Payroll, she misses the old office at 306 E Main Street. At that time, Dominion Payroll was a team of 20 and had Friday afternoon cookouts on the roof. Abbey always loves the annual holiday parties with our CEOs, Dave Gallagher and David Fratkin! 

She would describe her time at Dominion Payroll as rewarding. “Throughout my 10 years here, I’ve done a lot of growing personally and professionally,” Abbey said. She wants to give a shout-out to Dave Gallagher and David Fratkin, her previous managers, and her fellow work moms Susan Nixon, Angie Trapp, and Mauri Whitehurst for always being there for her! “DP has been one of the main constants in my life for the past 10 years and it’s a very reassuring and supporting feeling!” 

Abbey Andrews is one of the friendly faces around the offices, and is a go-getter; when there is a fire, Abbey is jumping in. She is always smiling around the office which is contagious and brings everyone and anyone in a great mood. She is an amazing coworker and friend as she provides endless support to everyone. Here are some kind words we would like to share about Abbey: 

“I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside Abbey for the past 5 years and celebrate her personal and professional growth. I often refer to Abbey as my “true North” when it comes to bringing about change within our Client Services department while also keeping in mind the fundamentals of what has always made DP so great. Here’s to another 10+ years, Abbey!”

 – Alex Kowalski, Director of Client Services

“I have really enjoyed witnessing Abbey blossom into the professional, hard-working mother that she is. Abbey was the receptionist when I first started and we became friends almost instantly. She quickly rose to Pack Out, then, Customer Service, and now Product Specialist. Abbey really embodies a lot of the personality and values of Dominion Payroll. Abbey is the kind of teammate one dreams of when defining that term. She will tirelessly support you, do whatever it takes, bring an upbeat attitude, and work until the job is done. She is an asset and true, a golden friend that I can always count on.” – Brad Crouch, Director of Marketing

I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the past 10 years of Abbey’s personal and professional growth. Her career has blossomed over the past couple of years. Perhaps what is most extraordinary about Abbey is her willingness to learn and grow in the areas most needed at Dominion Payroll. ALL the while she married the love of her life and now has two beautiful children.  Abbey reminds me of this quote from her favorite country artist, Miranda Lambert: 

“Hey Mama I’m OK out here

I’ve seen how hard the world can be

My step is sure and I know my name

I’m strong just like you prayed I’d be”

Thank you, Abbey, for showing us what strength looks like.  We love you. Happy anniversary ❤️” – Susan Nixon, Culture Specialist

Abbey has been a joy to work alongside and she has such a humble personality that it becomes inspiring to see how much she knows about the workings of Dominion Payroll.  Abbey doesn’t like to disappoint and I can tell that customers who interact with her know she gave it everything she had even if they didn’t get the immediate answer they were hoping for.  Instead, they are grateful because they can sense the effort and often are pleased that she offers an option and potentially even better solution.” – Jay Fitch, Product Solutions Specialist II

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