Identifying New COVID-19 Related Cryptocurrency Scams

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Information sourced from,, and  Currently, scammers are capitalizing on COVID-19, taking advantage of people’s fear and uncertainty to steal money and launder it through the complex cryptocurrency system. These scams are targeted to people of all ages, including the elderly, using various convincing ploys to take people’s money.  Advised by the FBI, here are some cryptocurrency fraud … Read More

Creative Solutions Born During COVID-19

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We sure have some of the most creative and inspiring clients! While the coronavirus pandemic has put constraints on our entire way of life, these businesses have brought innovation and creativity together to be a part of the solution. Reservoir Distillery Reservoir Distillery is currently producing free liquid hand sanitizer for the community and those currently fighting on the front … Read More

What to do if an Employee Test Positive for COVID-19

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Should you have an employee test positive for COVID-19, here are some steps to take: 1. Show Your Support Lead with empathy and emotional intelligence in handling this information. Offer guidance on resources and the next steps so that your employee can feel respected and supported during this time. Ask them to self-quarantine. If your employees still come into and … Read More

COVID-19 Legislation: 6 Most Asked Questions

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1) Are furloughed employees eligible for Emergency Paid Sick Leave or Emergency FMLA?  No. EPSL and EFMLA are only available to employees whose company still has work to perform but they are unable to work (or telework) because of one or more of the qualifying reasons above. If the employer implements a furlough because it does not have enough work … Read More

Could Unlimited PTO Work for Your Company?

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  Vacation has been known to promote employee happiness, lower heart attack risks, and increase productivity. Yet, American workers tossed out 400 million vacation days in 2018.  “That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard” – quotes a child actor in MasterCard’s “One More Day” commercial. And, many companies agree, turning to unlimited PTO as a potential solution for this madness.  … Read More