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Recruit and develop a productive workforce.


Talent Acquisition

Applicant Tracking | On/Offboarding | Background Screening
Streamline your hiring process, efficiently manage applicants, and make data-driven decision. Hire the right people - minimize your risks.

Talent Management

Predictive People Analytics | Share & Perform | Zayzoon | UCM | Expense Management | Giving & Volunteering
From performance evaluations to employee wellbeing initiatives, we provide the tools you need to develop and nurture a talented workforce.

Prevent payroll errors and stay in compliance with labor regulations.


Payroll & Time

Scheduler | Clocks | Biometric | Tax | 401k
Effortlessly manage deductions, securely receive direct deposits, and smoothly file taxes.

Additional Services

DP Grow | Reliable Payments
Design retirement plans that align with your financial goals and provide peace of mind for your employees' future with retirement options.

Maximize your workforce with streamlined HR and Benefits solutions.

Human Resources

Boost HR | DP Assist | Share & Perform | LMS
Discover top talent within your organization, reward your employees' successes, and train new hires with ease using our comprehensive HR solutions.


Open Enrollment | Reconciliation | ACA | Carrier Connections | Benefits Admin
Employee benefits and payroll data are all in the same place making selections and deductions easy.

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Active in all 50 states, any industry imaginable, and every community we serve, American employers from 5 to 5,000 people trust us for Payroll, HR, Time and Talent needs. Today, we’re one of the nation’s most innovative, customer-focused, and respected workforce management firms.



From the Lowcountry of the South to the Highlands of the North, we support organizations throughout the Carolinas with payroll, benefits administration, talent acquisition and management, and other HR needs.

Tim Whaley

Tim Whaley

President, Carolinas

kevin allen

Kevin Allen

Director of Sales, Carolinas

I called in for assistance on a manual check entry for my husband. This is my third time since I only do it so often and my notes are found to be missing important information when I come back to them. The rep was so helpful and supportive. He took his time so I could take good notes and was very encouraging. He even suggested my calling back and asking for him if I needed help in the future! Best customer service I've had in a while! Please submit him to any type of employee recognition available!

- Alisa W.

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11111 Carmel Commons Blvd. Suite 125, Charlotte, NC 28226
1100 Shirley St, Suite 200, Columbia, SC 29205

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