Benefits of Improving Employee Onboarding

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Nearly a quarter of staff turnover happens within six weeks of starting employment, which wastes time and resources. When a new hire starts with your company, this will be his or her first chance to see how it operates. Clear instructions, timely responses from management and human resource staff, and proper handling of new hire paperwork are important tasks that … Read More

Security Update: The Heartbleed bug

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The security of your account is extremely important to us at DP, and so we want to inform you that we have taken action in regards to this vulnerability that has affected a vast majority of websites on the Internet. As soon as we received information about the Heartbleed bug, our team got to work.  First and foremost, we ensured … Read More

5 points misunderstood about Background Checks

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The smoking gun – undeniable evidence of a crime done.  I can’t find a better metaphor for a critical pre-employment service we provide to our clients every day!  You can look at this two different ways:  You find out that a administrative assistant has been skimming off the top for a long time and you catch them red-handed quite some … Read More

Debunking the myths around SaaS

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There are continued doubts about the capabilities of cloud-based computing that stare back at us constantly.  It’s a lot like debunking Bigfoot!  You’re driving down the road, see some strange creature in the woods for a split second and you’ll wonder for the rest of time (well, until you forget) what the heck that THING was! If you aren’t currently … Read More