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Recruit and develop a productive workforce.


Talent Acquisition

Applicant Tracking | On/Offboarding | Background Screening
Streamline your hiring process, efficiently manage applicants, and make data-driven decision. Hire the right people - minimize your risks.

Talent Management

Predictive People Analytics | Share & Perform | Zayzoon | UCM | Expense Management | Giving & Volunteering
From performance evaluations to employee wellbeing initiatives, we provide the tools you need to develop and nurture a talented workforce.

Prevent payroll errors and stay in compliance with labor regulations.


Payroll & Time

Scheduler | Clocks | Biometric | Tax | 401k
Effortlessly manage deductions, securely receive direct deposits, and smoothly file taxes.

Additional Services

DP Grow | Reliable Payments
Design retirement plans that align with your financial goals and provide peace of mind for your employees' future with retirement options.

Maximize your workforce with streamlined HR and Benefits solutions.

Human Resources

Boost HR | DP Assist | Share & Perform | LMS
Discover top talent within your organization, reward your employees' successes, and train new hires with ease using our comprehensive HR solutions.


Open Enrollment | Reconciliation | ACA | Carrier Connections | Benefits Admin
Employee benefits and payroll data are all in the same place making selections and deductions easy.

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Active in all 50 states, any industry imaginable, and every community we serve, American employers from 5 to 5,000 people trust us for Payroll, HR, Time and Talent needs. Today, we’re one of the nation’s most innovative, customer-focused, and respected workforce management firms.

People Empowered.

While our brain is workforce management, our heart is working together to achieve greatness as a team. Combined, we bring HR solutions to the marketplace and provide award-winning service that delights our customers every day.

No matter your industry, your people are the core of your business — taking care of them is ours. 

All Together Now.

Bring Talent, Time, Benefits, and HR tech all into one, with everything supported by an award-winning customer care team of amazing and accessible humans.

Talent Acquisition
Find People...

Uncover, attract, and engage the best people in your industry with programs for sourcing, hiring, and orienting talent.

Talent Management
...And Keep Them.

Keeping your best people costs less and means less headaches. When people are happy, they're more productive, business improves, and you stay ahead of the competition.

Payroll & Time
Pay Them Well...

Get your people paid quickly and easily. Give them the tools to track their time and attendance. And access help whenever you need it.

Human Resources
...And Deliver a Great Experience

Remote or on-site, people spend a lot of time at work. Make it enjoyable with screening, training, and clear processes — with tech and people backing you up.

Keep Everyone Happy...

Easily manage the daily benefits grind and give people power to enroll, switch plans, opt-out and more — all with one login and a simple dashboard.

Additional Services
...And Go Above and Beyond

Online training centers. Volunteerism platforms. Compliance reporting. Tax filing. If it’s under the definition of Human Resources and Payroll, you’ll find it all here.

Here for the Lifecycle.

Find every tool you need to create great employee experiences.

Finders Keepers.

Finding top talent takes great tech and even better people. And once you've got them, be sure you keep them there.

Extra Hands.

Access fractional HR pros and DP Assist to fill gaps — or take grunt work off your plate entirely.

Pay Fast.

From cutting simple checks to “It’s complicated,” build a payroll and time platform that suits your workforce.

Take Care.

Expertly manage your benefits package, from enrollment to retirement and all points in between.

Resources and News

A library at your fingertips.

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Supported by Software, Powered by People.

Backed by our talented team, your HR and payroll runs on iSolved, an industry leading, single sign-on tool rolling all your employer needs into one. It’s a scalable platform we customize for your company, providing you easy access to your entire employee database for detailed reporting and analytics.

5k +

Clients in 50 states

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Years of service

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140k +

Employees paid weekly

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Good People Empowering Yours.

Since 2002, Dominion Payroll has delivered our partners an alternative to traditional payroll and HR companies.

With a service-first, “GSD” mindset, and putting your needs at the forefront, we make sure you attract, recruit and retain the best talent in an intensively competitive world.

Happy Clients

They say the darndest things.

I just wanted to let you know what a phenomenal team your job is doing for us. The icing on the cake was them taking care of the employee retention tax credit, doing all the heavy lifting informing me of where we were. I can’t thank you and your team enough, nor can I recommend you any more highly than I am.

Normally I would hesitate to give a 100% rating because it is a special thing to earn 100%. But I've been with Dominion for 7 years this month and know that no company that our practice deals with gives better, quicker or more amiable service.

Love my partnership with Dominion Payroll. Throughout my 20-year career in HR, I’ve worked with many different payroll vendors and the Dominion Payroll team is the best in the business! Their staff is well-trained, professional, and very quick to respond. I recommend them to all our clients!

You've got options.

Your most valuable people deserve the best workforce management system — one that meets their needs and yours, today and in the future.

Human Resources
Human Resources
Talent Acquisition
Talent Acquisition
Talent Management
Talent Management
Payroll & Time
Payroll & Time
Additional Services
Additional Services
Human Resources - Talent Acquisition - Talent Management - Payroll & Time - Benefits - Additional Services - Human Resources - Talent Acquisition - Talent Management - Payroll & Time - Benefits - Additional Services - Human Resources - Talent Acquisition - Talent Management - Payroll & Time - Benefits - Additional Services - Human Resources - Talent Acquisition - Talent Management - Payroll & Time - Benefits - Additional Services - Human Resources - Talent Acquisition - Talent Management - Payroll & Time - Benefits - Additional Services -
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