iSolved is our cloud based, fully integrated Workforce Management solution that is totally scalable to your business, whether you have 5 employees or 5000.

Talent Acquisiton + Time & Attendance + Payroll + HR + Benefits Administration


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There’s so much that iSolved from Dominion Payroll gives you – payroll, human resources, time tracking, benefits – that the only way to really show you what it does is to, well, show you.

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Better Reporting

iSolved runs as a single hub for all of your payroll, HR, and benefits information, with the option of integrating your Time and Attendance as well. Our highly customizable report-writer allows you to cross-reference all of your data at once, increasing efficiency and saving you time!

ACA Compliance

iSolved offers robust reporting related to Affordable Care Act compliance testing. You’ll be able to track and record ACA-related data and run reports at will, including the ACA Full-Time Lookback Report, ACA Affordability Projection Tool, ACA Affordability Coverage Determination Report, and ACA Employer Compliance Test.

Benefits Administration

iSolved fully integrates benefits administration (including open enrollment) with payroll for seamless communication between payroll and HR in a user-friendly interface.

Security Options

iSolved allows a host of possibilities regarding user access levels from an employee who needs to view only their check stub, to a partner user who needs access only to certain reports, to hours-only data entry, to full administrative access.

Time Off Management

iSolved’s enhanced time off management systems allow for automated management of a variety of leave plans. You’ll have the option to integrate time off requests through employee self-service!

Scheduling Flexibility

Have groups of employees in your company who get paid on different frequencies? iSolved allows you to build separate pay groups in the same legal company so that you can easily manage the schedules for each group independently. Need to schedule some earnings to happen only once a month? No problem. iSolved can do it!

“We have been with DP since April 1 of 2013. The difference between the service of our old payroll service and yours is comparable to the difference between a Yugo and Bentley.  Thank you for all you do to make my job easier.”