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Dominion Payroll Time & Attendance solutions are flexible, efficient and easy to use.

With iSolved Time™ you can collect, oversee, and process time to more effectively manage your employee time and attendance data. Move beyond outdated time clocks and employee time & attendance formats with an easy-to-use system that can positively affect all of your workforce management needs.

Benefits of our integrated Time & Attendance solution: iSolved Time

  • Improve employee productivity by replacing all manual time sheet calculations, overtime, shift differentials, and rate calculations with 100% pay rule automation.
  • Eliminate buddy-punching and time theft, and eliminate the need to calculate time cards.
  • Easily manage employee schedules. Assign resources more effectively and reduce the time needed to schedule employees.
  • Manage pay polices, time off, overtime and more. Eliminate the need to calculate vacation, sick, or compensation time accruals.
  • Track employee time in the way that works best for your business — online, with a time clock, a swipe card, a smart phone app, or remotely.
  • Track the necessary data to help with Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Compliance.

Online and Onsite Clocking

Allow your employees the convenience of clocking in from their own devices. Employees enter time through their web browsers on a desktop or laptop, tablets and mobile phones.

Employees log on to the browser-based program and enter time directly. Employees can also view their schedules and accruals and enter requests to their department supervisors. Levels of access are controlled. The Employee Self-Service Software Module is required.
• Integrates seamlessly with iSolved Time and iSolved
• Supervisors and employees can easily track time entries, accruals and schedules in one location
• Verification Option for accurate payroll processing
• Employee self management of various HR-related administrative tasks
• Browser-based interface: Uses a universal interface that everyone understands
• Unlimited schedules: Use and define as many schedules as you need
• Employee can easily update their own personal information
• Real time web-based functionality

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Our scheduling module gives you a set of powerful tools to help you manage your personnel effectively. Our platform offers powerful scheduling options.

If you simply need to schedule your employees without highly complex scheduling options, this tool is for you. You’ll be scheduling your employees in minutes. Standard Scheduling makes it easy to create recurring schedules for a particular shift. You can also use scheduling templates to schedule by day, or even recurring schedules by day of the week.

The spreadsheet scheduler is a tool designed for organizations who have flexible or unpredictable work patterns. It allows employees more control of their own schedule by showing their availability, allowing employees to perform shift swaps, and to pick up additional work hours. Supervisors have more control of their labor costs and can schedule more quickly, while ensuring full coverage.

Our Advanced Scheduling option is seamlessly integrated with iSolved Time, providing an easy-to-use tool for supervisors to quickly build shifts and schedules for their employees. This option makes it possible to schedule your employees from any computer with an internet browser, giving you unparalleled scheduling flexibility and power.

You can set up an unlimited number of custom schedules, create a schedule for each of your locations or departments, as well as create schedules by position or shift. To switch schedules, just select the name of the schedule you wish to view. Managers and employees can view and print schedules online, which makes communicating work schedules easier and saves you time.

Alerts are available for In Late, In Early, Under Hours, Over Hours, Out Early, Out Late, Unscheduled Absence, Out of Schedule, In Grace, Out Grace, and Other Options.

Easily compensate employees for differently valued shifts.

Advanced Scheduling makes it easy to maintain specific staffing requirements. Do you need to know how many people or hours you have scheduled by position, shift or department? Enter your staffing requirements and instantly see whether you have too few or too many employees scheduled. When employees call in sick or go on vacation, see how it affects your coverage.

Finally, Advanced Scheduling has a wide assortment of scheduling reports. Print reports by employee, schedules, or departments.

Job Tracking

Efficiently track costs associated with projects
By adding the Job Tracking module to iSolved Time, you will immediately be able to identify labor costs attributed to projects by employee, department, and task-type. You will no longer have to get your employees to recall how many hours they worked on a project or have your accounting staff try to track down receipts and invoices.
Gain valuable insights
See a clear picture of actual vs. projected time, actual vs. projected cost, and more. Gain the information and ability to truly understand productivity and profitability on a project-by-project basis, and use that knowledge to directly affect your bottom line.
Job Tracking is simple for employees
With the Job Tracking module, employees simply record job in/out entries via the clock keypad or optional bar code wand/gun. A task database is created and multiple tasks assign to a job quickly, eliminating the need for repetitive data entry.

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